Widget Information in Blogger

Widget in Blog

Hope your friends will run away from you now. So, today we have brought another new topic in Blogger. Blogger knows about Widget, how to add Widget.

Widget Information in Blogger

And how to delete the added Widget. Your blogger has some unnecessary widgets. Which you cannot remove or delete. Because Blogger keeps those Widget locked.
But we will tell you how you can delete the locked Widget.

How to add a new widget to Blogger

First of all, open the blogger site on your mobile or laptop and then login your Blogger Account and then come to the dashboard and follow all the steps mentioned by us, which is below. Widget Gadget Information Blogger

1. Layout: –  First of all you come to Blogger’s Dashboard and click on Layout. As soon as you click on this option, the Layout Window will open in front of you. 

2. Add a Gadget: – Now when you  click on Add a Gadget which appears on the right side. New window will open. Out of this, you have to add any widget like to add the widget of Popular Post, then click on it, this widget will be added to your blogger. After that you will click on the Save Arrangement button shown above in the right side,  then the widget installed in your blogger will be saved. Now click on View Blog and check your blog whether the widget you have applied is visible or not.

How to unlock lock widget in blogger

Let us know how to unlock Widget from Blogger. Blogger keeps some Widget locked as mentioned above. So how do you unlock it and then delete it. To do all this, follow all the steps. Read also

1. Theme: –  First of all you try in your blogger’s dashboard and click on Theme from the menu in the left side.  When you click on a theme, the theme window will open in front of you. In which your website home page will appear.

2. Edit HTML: –  Now as soon as you click on Edit HTML, the box with HTML will open.

3. Jump to Widget: –  Now you will click on this button. And from that, click on the widget you want to unlock.

4. Attribution: –  As if you want to unlock Attribution. Then you click on Attribution. As soon as you click on it, its code will appear at the top.

<b: widget id = ‘ Attribution ‘ locked = ‘true’ title = ‘Main Menu’ type = ‘ Attribution ‘>

You see here written true. You should write False instead of True here. If you want to unlock Widget, then write False in place of True, then your widget will be unlocked. And then you can delete it easily.

When you have typed False instead of True, then after that you must click on the Save Theme button so that whatever editing you have done will be saved.

Delete widget

Now you try in Blogger Dashboard and click on Layout from the Menu Bar, all the widgets will appear in front of you.  

Widget blogger

1- Now you will see that your Attribution Widget is unlocked, now you click on edit and click on Remove.

2- Now click on Save Arrangement button which appears in the top right side and save it. Widget Gadget Information Blogger

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