What is IFTTT and How Does it Work

In this post we’re going to know at IFTTT and how you can use it to automate the processes in your business. What is IFTTT In short, IFTTT is a way for you to automate your business processes. If you read the post, you know that IFTTT works with a lot of your personal devices

What is IFTTT

What is IFTTT Work

in your home devices, but it can also be used for business One of the best ways to do this is by using it with social media.

IFTTT is free and works with over 600 different apps.   The signup, you can just click the link. You can use your email, signup with Google or continue with Facebook. One of the things. I really like about IFTTT is you can put it on your phone or your tablet, as well as a computer.

You can also set up a two step verification code, so that it makes it more difficult to access your account. Now, the first thing you’re going to want to do when you get on IFTTT is hook up to your services. You can go up here to the search bar, and put in what ever service you want. Let’s try Twitter. When I search for Twitter, it’ll open up an explorer menu. What is IFTTT Work

Over here, it’s going to show you the connections but you want to go Over here to services. As you can see, Twitter came right up here to the top, I could just click on that and then go right there to the connect button. Now I don’t have a Twitter account so I can’t connect this up. But it’s pretty simple to do. If you’ve ever connected two software’s to gether, it’s very similar.

Once you connect your Twitter account, you can scroll down and look through some of the different connections and see if any of them will work for you. These are called applets.   When you’re looking at an applet, you can see what it works with.

This one works with Twitter, and Facebook. And there are many many that you can scroll through. Another way to find applets and services to work with is to hit this explore button up in the top corner. You can then type in the search bar or scroll down.  

They have a lot of them set up and pack They even have one here for business applets for working with a voice assistant, a whole section on Google. And one of the ones that you’ll probably want to use is for your social media. Let’s look through some of the social media ones. We have an automatically change your Twitter profile pic when you update your Facebook photo, that can be super handy.

And IFTTT does work with Facebook pages to not just your regular Facebook profile. Some of the things that you can do with the Facebook one is automatically share a new post to a Facebook page from WordPress. You can automatically upload your Instagrams to a Facebook page album and you can automatically share your new videos to a Facebook page. Your YouTube and there are tons more that you can do with a Facebook page.

IFTTT also works with Drop box and Google drives. So if you need to backup your tweets or backup your Instagram photos, this is a great way to do it. Now let’s go into the section up here at the top so I can show you a little behind the scenes. The first section is your account. This is where you set up your account settings. It of course gives you a user name.  

This is where you can go to change your password your email set your time. You can quickly link Google and Facebook from this page and you can also set up the two step verification. This is also the area where you could export your IFTTT data use URL shortening and setup email communications. For those of you that decide not to stay with IFTTT, the very important delete your account button is right down here at the bottom. The next section is activity. This is where you can take a look at your recent activity.

I actually just turned off an applet and deleted an applet so it shows me on there what I turned off and what I deleted. The next section is called my applets. This is where you see which ones you have set up right now.   I only have a couple of them set up at the moment I’m going through the process of redoing them. You’re going to automatically get this one that says get an email with the latest IFTTT updates. But you can disconnect that. And let me show you what that looks like.

You click in and this is where you go to connect or disconnect.   If you want to change the settings of an app, you can go right up here to settings and this one was made by us ttt, so it won’t let me actually change the settings, the only thing I can do is delete it. And you can do this with all apps. So we’ll hit delete, like, Ok, and now I only have one app put in there. Now the one I have in here right now is connecting Google Assistant, the Trello.  

If I go into this, I can actually see it’s if you say Trello, then create a card in YouTube editorial calendar board. Let me explain the reason I set this up. A lot of times, I’m watching a video or I’m reading a book and I get inspired for a YouTube video I want to make instead of going into my Trello board, and writing it down, I can just shout out to my Google Assistant, use the keyword Trello and then say the idea.

 At that point, it’s going to take what I just said after the word Trello and put it in In a particular board and my Trello. As you can see down here it is connected. I can go to Settings. And here’s the trigger. What do you say when I say, the trigger fires when you said this, and I’m not going to say that because I will set off my Google Home. And then you can use a pharase like post a tweet, new high score, or any number of different things.  

If you’re not into using voice commands, this is probably not going to be one that will interest you. But if you like seeking out on tech, like I do, this is right up your all eye. So I say Trello. Or I can say add to Trello. And you can actually put in several options. What it’s going to do, once I give it the command is it’s going to say got it great idea. I picked the language of English so that it will answer me in English.

And here’s what it’s going to do.   It’s going to create a card It’s going to go to my YouTube editorial calendar, the list idea, and it’s going to pop it down at the bottom. I haven’t just put a text field in the description that puts in exactly what I told it. Some of the other options with Trello are assigned new members, apply labels, or attach a URL. Now the next section here is called my services.

This is where you can see all the services that you’re currently hooked up to. It’s going to automatically pick date and time and email and an email digest.

I also have Gmail, Google Assistant and Google Calendar. Back when I had a Twitter account, I actually had it set up so that I could put the tweets into my Google Calendar, and it would tweet them out on Twitter several times a day. This saved me from having to schedule tweets in another system.

Like buffer or Tweet Deck, I have my Google Drive my Google Sheets.

And of course it has the IFTTT and RSS feed. And don’t forget Trello and YouTube. The next button on here is create.

This is where you can create an applet completely from scratch. You hit the Create button and it’ll take you to the Create Page.

You’re going to hit this plus sign and you’re going to search for services. What is IFTTT Work

Let’s say I want to do something with YouTube. I start typing in YouTube to YouTube comes up like YouTube.

And step two, you’re going to choose the trigger and it’s going to give you a list of all the triggers it can pickup from that software. These are all the triggers for YouTube.

If I have a new like on a video, a new public video uploaded by me a new superstar sticker a new channel membership, let’s say new channel membership.

Now it looks like YouTube has limited this one, you must have 1000 subscribers or more to get this trigger.

And since I’m just shy of 1000 I’ll need to get a few more subscribers before I can try this trigger. So let’s go back and try a different one.

Now this time I’m going to choose new public video uploaded by you. This is a trigger every time I upload a new video.

Now it says If This Then That, I’m going to hit the plus sign here to decide what I want it to down I upload a new video.

Let’s say I wanted to put the name and the URL in a Google Sheet so I can easily track it in one sheet. I’m going to type in Google Sheets.

Now I can either add a row to a spreadsheet or I can update a cell in a spreadsheet. What is IFTTT Work.

Let’s choose a road to a spreadsheet, it’s going to give you an option to make an entirely new spreadsheet. We’re going to goahead and leave it at new video upload.

It’s already suggested the format and rows, title, author, name, description, and URL. You can add different ingredients by clicking right here.

And these are all the different things that let you add the created app title, description, URL, author name or embed code.

Now I don’t think I need the author name, because that’s me. And I think I would rather have the URL right here.

So I’m going to back this up. But the URL let me take URL off here. Another way you can add the ingredient is just to click it down here.

I think I want the description to go last. So I’m going to delete that too. So title URL, embed code and then description.

Now it does say use these three lines to separate the cells.

Now it says the Drive folder path, you can just have it in your drive directly or you can have it.

Go to a specific folder. Having an IFTTT folder can be handy, but you might have another folder that you want it to go to.

Let’s go ahead and leave it like this and create action. What is IFTTT Work

On Step six, you’re just going to review and finish it’s new public video uploaded. And add a row to Techzone is Google Drive spreadsheet.

Receive notifications when this applet runs, you’re going to want to leave this on at first just to check it. Once it’s running.

You can actually turn off the notifications and only have it send you a notification if it’s missing up.

Let’s click Finish as soon as you’ve made a connection now if I decided I don’t like this, I can always disconnect it by clicking here.

And I can find it at any time by going to my applets. And there it is. The last two sections in here are help and sign out.

So IFTTT is a great solution for business. It’s completely free, and you can sign up at any time. Have you tried IFTTT before? What is your favorite way to use it? Drop a comment down below and let me know. What is IFTTT Work.

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