Tawakkalna Registration Online in KSA

Peace be with you all. Tawakkalna app is the official app to get permission during curfews and government places. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices.

How to Download Tawakkalna

You can download it from the link download tawakkalna. Then you receive this text message, after that you’re allowed to use this Tawakkalna in its trial phase.

If you press on the link in the message or visit the Tawakkalna website, you can get more information about the Tawakkalna app.

Main features of the app and download links. It is available on App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.

How to Use Tawakkalna App


There are also read to teach you how to use the Tawakkalna. At the bottom of the tawakkalna website, you’ll find information about customer support. Let’s go now open Tawakkalna app and explain how to use it.

First Step Create an Account

In the first box, you should write your ID number or resident number, and then write your birthday in the second box.

Your birthday format can be in Gregorian or Hijri. Then, check the terms and conditions box and press on next.

Once you press on Next, you’ll receive a code on your number that is registered on Absher. Fill in the code that you’ve received in the box and press on Next.

You’ll be promoted to create a password that consists of 12 characters. The password should contain a capital latter, smaller letter and numbers.

For example, you can use the first letter of your name (if your name is Techzone, then type a capital letter T). You can then follow it with a small letter and for example you phone number. It is up to you do create a strong password.

You’ll then be promoted for the next most important step, which is to locate your house in the map. It is a very important step.

Set Your Location

All you have to do is to press on the location button, and then you’ll be redirected to your neighborhood. Then you can zoom in and pin your house on the map. You’ll then get a message to confirm your house.

If you’re sure you’ve chosen the right place, click on Add. One of the most important steps is to honestly answer the questions you’ll be asked from the Tawakkalna for your others’ sake. After you answer these questions, press on Next.

You’ll then be asked about your family members that are registered in your family book in Absher app. You can choose them by pressing on the button next to their names. After that, click on Save.

Once you finish setting up Tawakkalna app, you’ll get a barcode which you’ll present to authority personals. when you’re outside of your home during curfew times. If the bar code is in green, then you’re authorized to go out once you get a permission. If the barcode is in red, then you’re not granted a permission to go out during curfews or any place.

There’s a button to educate you about Ministry of Health statistics. These statistics are from the official website of the Ministry of Health. This statistics are very informative. These statistics are updated all the time.

How to Apply for Permission

Don’t follow fake news and get your information from the right place. There’s a button called Permissions in the Tawakkalna app.

If you press on the + icon, you can apply for a permission. These permissions can be granted for absolute necessities.

The first permission is to buy supplies for your family or other necessities. and the second permission for a taxi driver if you happen to have one and is registered with you in Absher.

For the sake of this video, I’ll press on Supplies or other necessities. You’ll be then asked whether you’ll get your supplies from your neighborhood

This is for people who live in neighborhoods that are fully under quarantine. There’s also an Emergency Supply button. This permission is only for head of the family. There’s a “Request A Permission” button that you can press, and once pressed, you’ll get a barcode automatically.

How to Submit a Report with Tawakkalna

There’s also a “Reporting” button. In this submenu, you can report yourself or someone else who lives next to you or work with you and so on. Type your (Or the person you’re reporting) phone number, address, health condition. Then, press on Submit A Report button.

In the More submenu, you can get can official news from the Ministry of Health website.

Make sure you’ve enabled notifications for the Tawakkalna as it sends you very important notifications. Go to settings, Notifications, Tawakkalna app and then enable all the notifications.

Then go to Settings again, Privacy, Location Services, Tawakkalna app and then choose Always. The Tawakkalna will check your location and send you notifications based on it.

This is the end of this article. Hopefully this article is helpful for you. May this pandemic end very soon.

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