Microsoft Access 2003 Office Old Version

Microsoft Access 2003 Full Guide  

Microsoft Access 2003 Office is the Relation Data Base Page of Microsoft Office. In this, data are collecte in the form of arrays. You can see this data on the screen. Can be sort in any order. And can print. To fill the data, you can be prepare print forms on the screen as well as paper.

You can get information on the basis give Query from the fill data. Reports, charts etc. Can also be prepare for various uses base on the data. You can create multiple tables in the same data base. And you can organize them in such a way.

That they can be brought together by select information from multiple tables when need. And the desire report can be extract from them. Apart from these, many facilities are available in MS Access. Which you will study.  

Microsoft Access 2003 Old Version

Data base is very useful in our daily life. Whether it is a person or businessman, for example, use the address diary to see a friend’s address or Phone No. In which the names of all the addresses are write in the form of a letter garland.

The diary of addresses is a data base only. With the help of MS Access, you can easily create a data base in a computer. And use them. A lot of work of a trading company can be done easily by the data base.

For example, customers and suppliers are inform of transactions, inventory of goods and stock maintenance expenses, bills accounted, etc. From this section we are tell about the methods of constructing and using the database .

MS office 2007 Full Guide

Working in Access  

You do not need any special sponsorship to install Access. When you are install version of Microsoft office in your computer. So while choosing component there, you must choose access.  

As a default setting, access is always selecte. With this, the installation of the office as well as the installation of the access will be done in your computer.   

Data Type of Access

When access data type file ie table is create. So this software allows you to use many types of data types in this table. This data type is as follows.  

1. Text Data Type

In access, you define a text type to a field in a table. So in this you can use both words and numbers. This field cannot be use for calculation. The maximum width of this field can be 255 characters.  

2. Memo Data Type

In this kind of field, you can only store large numbers of text and numbers. It also cannot be use for calculation. It can store 65535 characters.  

3. Number Data Type

Let’s use this field to calculate. And numbers can be writte in it. The maximum width of this field is 8 byte.  

4. Date / Time

The maximum width of this field of the table is 8 byte. The time and date can be store from 100 years to 9999.  

5. Currency Data Type

Numeric data is store in such data type. And use it in calculations. With this one can use decimal from 1 to 4 places.  

6. Auto Number

In a normal case, the size of such a field is 4 byte. By this, sequential or random number is use with an increment of 1 digit. This field cannot be update.  

7. Yes / No

This field is of 1 bit. And use it for logical tasks. It uses the on / off, true / false, and yes / no positions.  

8. OLE Object

In this type of field, you can store objects up to 1 gigabyte. In this, you can use worksheet in excel, store document file in Word, image file, binary data and file of sound in access table.  

9. Hyperlink

In this kind of field, we store the hyperlink address used for internet. Addresses up to 6144 characters can be write in it.  

10. Creating a new data base file

To start a new work, you open its file menu. The file menu will open up on the screen like this. In this you will get new command. Click on it. As soon as you click, you can start a new task on the screen.

Apart from this, you will see that the task bar has been added on the right side of me. It first has a part called open a file. And on the second number is the new part. Microsoft Access 2003 Office.

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