Mailing Tab MS Word 2007 Full Guide

Under this Mailing Tab MS Word you can create your document in the style of letter and send it to your friends and relatives by mail.

What you can do under the Mailing Tab MS Word and how to use it. All information can be read below in the mailing tab ms word 2007.

Mailing Tab MS Word

Create in Mailing Tab MS Word

Envelope: – It can write the address on the envelope.  

Method – On click this the following dialog box will open. In this dialog box, in the address of delivery address.

Write the address of the place where the letter is to be sent. And in the return address box, type the address from where you are sending it.

After this, click on add to document will reveal the size of the envelope.

Preview: – Click on the envelope shown in this box will open the following dialog box by which we select the size of the envelope.

Feed: – Click on the envelope shown in this box will open the following dialog box. By which how to keep the envelope in the printer. Let’s choose that.

Labels: – This option is labele as a person’s name, his address and also his personal information etc.  

Start Mail Merge in Mailing Tab MS Word

Start Mail Merge: – Through this you can send an article to a lot of addresses. This option is especially used in companies, universities etc.

On click on it, the following Task pane named Mail Merge will open.

Select Letters in this task pane and click on the Next: Starting document below. Now the task pane will open, it has three options.  

1- Use the current document select it to send the opened document to different address.  

2- Start from template Select it to send it to different addresses by typing in the word template file.  

3- Start form existing document select this to send the already existing file to different addresses.  

Select the Use the current document option preceding these and click on Next: select recipients below. The next page task pane will open, it has three options.  

1- Use an existing list  

2- Select form outlook contacts  

3- Type a new list  

Select the Type a new list option with all three numbers. After that click on the next write your letter below, the following dialog box will open.

Mail merge

In this you enter the addresses to which to send.

New Entry: – Click on this button to make a new entry.

Delete Entry: – To delete the entry made, click on this button.

Find entry: – Click on this button to find the entry made.

Filter and sort: – Click this button to sort the records in order.

Customize: – By this you can set the field name according to yourself. On click this, the following dialog box will open.

Add: – Use this button to enter a new name in the field. By click on it, a dialog box will open in which it is ok to write the name.

Delete: – This button is used to delete the selected field name.

Rename: – Use this button to change the name of the selected field name.

Move Up: – Use this button to top the selected field name.

Move Down

Use this button to lower the field name selected. Now use the option which is required to do ok.

And in the dialog box of the new address list visible, enter all the addresses to which the addresses are to be sent.

After this close this dialog box and save the file with this address by any name. The following dialog box will open in front of you.  

You can make any kind of change in the entry through the Edit button present in it. After that click on the OK button and click on Next in the task pane.

And click on the next: preview your letter in the task pane that appears after this. Another task pane will open as seen in the next page.  

Now click on this more item option, the following dialog box will open. Select each one from the field name present in it.

And bring it to the part of the document where you want by insert button. After this, close this dialog box.

After this, click on Next: Preview your letters in the present task pane. The following task pane will open.

In it, click on Next complete the merge, the following task pane will open. In which, through print, all the addresses can be printed on the document.

Show Mail Merge Tool Bar

Through Mailing Tab MS Word option you can bring the Show Mail Merge Tool bar. And can hide. This toolbar has all those options. Which is in the mail merge task pane.  

Select Recipients: – If you click on it, three options will appear in front of you. Which are as follows.  

1. Type new list: – With this option you can create a new list of mail recipients.

2. Use existing list: – With this option you can use the already created list.

3. Select form outlook contacts: – With this option you can use the contact list in outlook.

Edit Recipient List: – With this option, you can edit the list of Mail Recipient, that is, you can add the name, address, etc in it and also delete it.  

Write & Insert Fields in Mailing Tab MS Word

By selecting each one present in it, you can insert and highlight your document from the address book created.  

Insert Fields

Highlight Merge Fields: – With this option you can Highlight Page Blocked Address Block.

Address Block: – With this you can insert the mail list you have created in your page. 

Greeting Line: – With this you can insert a greeting line in your page like First Name etc. 

Formula Tab Microsoft Excel 2007

Insert Merge Field: – With this option, you can insert all the fields that you have created in Mail Merge, alternately in the page. 

Rules in Mailing Tab MS Word

Specify the rules to add the decision-making capability of mail merge to this. For example, if you can use the recipient’s address to check.

You can show the recipient a local phone number and an international phone number for recipients outside your country.

Match Fields: – This allows you to tell the meaning of different fields in your recipient list.

For example:- You can indicate that your custom field home is equal. To the normal built in field home phone.

Update Labels: – If you are updating all the labels of a document. To use the information from the list of recipients.

Then you are creating the label. This comment is not necessary for a mail merge in a printed letter or email.

View Tab MS Word 2007 Best Information

Preview Result   

Replace the merge field in your document in Mailing Tab MS Word with the actual data from your recipient list so that you can see how it looks.

Preview Result

Find Recipient: – Find and preview a specific record in the recipient list by searching for text.

Auto Check for Errors: – Specify how to handle errors that occur while completing a mail merge. You also have the option of mail merge simulation to see if there will be an error.  

Finish in Mailing Tab MS Word

You can create separate documents for each copy of the letter, send all of them directly to the printer, or send them via mail in Mailing Tab MS Word.

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