Insert Tab Microsoft Word 2007 Full Information

Insert Tab Microsoft Word 2007 Full Information

All the options under this Insert Tab Microsoft Word. They are all related to bringing more than one page page number, field, comment, footnote, object image clip art chart Word Art and date and time and signature line etc. to the file.  


Cover Page: – With this option you can insert the designed page.  

Blank Page: – With this option you are blank page ie simple page insert.   


All the options in this are related to the table. “Table” consists of Column and Row. Identify Column and Row in the following table.  

Insert Table: – Through this option, tables can be brought. And you can increase the column, row, cell in the table. There are following option under this.  

Insert Tab Microsoft Word 2007 Full Information

Draw Table: – On click this option the following toolbar will open. In which all the commands of the table are present.  

Convert Text to Table: – Through this option, the selected text can be converted into a table. And the text present in the table as a paragraph outside the table.  

Excel Spreadsheet: – With this option you can insert excel program into your page while in MS word program. And you can write and store your data in it.


Picture: – Can bring clip art, picture etc. made by it. By clicking on this option, a dialog box will open in front of you, now you can open a folder containing photos from it and select the image from there and insert it into your page. Insert Tab Microsoft Word.

Clip Art: – Can bring clip art made by it. For this you click on clip art, then a task pane will open in front of you. Go to the search bar in it and type the name of whatever art you want to take in it, it will bring you in front of you by searching and you can insert it in your page.   

Shape: – By this, you can bring an object made in different designs. You can insert text box, line, rectangle, Oval, Basic shapes, Block arrow, Flow chart, Call out, Star and banner, etc.   

Smart Art: – Through this, you can write in different designs. On clicking smart art, a dialog box of smart graphic will appear in front of you.

As soon as you click on All, the graphic design will start to appear, now you will click on the design in it. That design will be inserted in your page. You can do the formatting etc. by clicking on the Design tab above.   

Chart: – Through this chart can be brought to the page. On clicking the chart, a dialog box of Insert Chart will appear in front of you. Now you can select any chart design from it. You can see the chart by making a chart of Sales, Purchase, Profit, Loss, in the chart.   


Hyperlink: – Through this, Heading file links bookmark etc. to the current file. On clicking this, the following dialog box will open.  

Browse for File Here, we link other files to current file. By clicking on this button, select the name of any file you wish and make it ok both the places. While doing so, where the cursor is.

There the file name will come with its address. Now whenever you move the mouse on this name, the mouse will change into a hand. Which is a symptom of the link. On which you can open the linked file by ctrl + click.   

Note – The file you are linking to. That file must be from MS Office.   


You can link the bookmark and heading etc. given by this button. On clicking this, the following dialog box will open.   

The heading and the bookmark that appear in it are to be linked. After selecting it, fix both places.   

The advantage is that when we are writing a book. And there are many pages in it that need to be visited again and again. So let’s go to those pages and create a bookmark. On clicking this, the following dialog box will open.   

In the box of Bookmark name, type some of the symptoms related to this page which has a cursor. So that it can be known that this is the bookmark of that page. Then click on the add button. A bookmark will be created with this name. In this way, you can make a bookmark by placing cursor in the page or paragraph you want to create a bookmark. All these bookmarks will appear in this dialog box. Now the page or paragraph to go to. After selecting that bookmark, click on go to button, the cursor will reach the same page or paragraph in which it will be bookmarked.   


Through this option, the heading, footnote, comment etc. given in the page can be brought in order. So that whenever you click on the brought Heading, footnote, comment etc., the cursor reaches that place.   

Method- First write an article, two three pages and give Heading, footnote, bookmark etc. related to different paragraphs in it and place cursor at the bottom. After this click on this option, To the following dialog box will open.    Select the page which is present in Heading, footnote, bookmark, comment, table etc. in this drop down list. It will appear in the box for for which. Select each of them and click on the insert button. Where the cursor is, it will come there.    Insert as hyperlink By turning on this check box, ctrl + click on the item brought will bring the cursor to that place. The place it is.   

Select this style from the drop down list of insert reference to which the reference needs.   

Header & Footer   

Numbers at the top, bottom, and middle of the page use this option to bring the date, time, etc.   

Header: – This option is used to bring a header into the page. For example, the name of the book, text name etc. are used in the header.   

Footer: – This option is used to bring footers in the page. For example, the name of the book writer is used in footer.   

Page Number: – Through this option, enter the page number. The following option will show as soon as you click on this option.   

Top of Page: – With this option you decide that the number should come in the top of the page.

Insert Tab Microsoft Word 2007 Full Information

Bottom of Page

With this option you decide that the number should come at the bottom of the page. Insert Tab Microsoft Word.

Page Margin: – With this option you can fix the margin of the page.   

Current Position: – With this option, you can keep the position of the number as before.   

Format page number: – With this option, select it. Which style number should be at the beginning of the chapter. Such as 1-1, 1.1, 1-a etc.   

Remove Page number: – With this option you can remove the page number given in your page.  


Under this option, you can insert text boxes in your page containing text, word art and design.  

Text Box: – With this option, you can insert a text box in your page. The advantage of inserting text text box is that you can drag that box anywhere and you can set any color you want.   

Quick Parts: – On clicking this a strip will open which has the following options. You can copy the things present in them to the page.  

Document Property: – It writes all the information related to its file. On clicking on it, the following property bar will appear. In which details related to the file will be present. Apart from this, if you want to write brief information related to the file, you can write it by clicking on Summary Button. Apart from this, you can get the information related to the file by clicking on the tab button present in it.     


By clicking on this option, the dialog box will open. In it, options are available for all types of information related to the document. Information related to whoever clicks on them will be displayed in the page. Insert Tab Microsoft Word.

After selecting All from the Categories list box in this Dialog box, clicking on = Formula in the field name box will bring up this symbol (=). You can use the following formula in it. for example.  

To add + like ok by typing 10 + 10 = the result will show 20.  To decrease such as ok by writing 10-5 = result will show 5. For the / part like 10/5 = OK by writing, the result will show 2. * For multiplication like ok by writing 10 * 5 = result will show 50.  

Building Blocks Organizer: – In this, you can create a document related to building construction.   

Get More on Office Online: – With this, you can go online and get what you need.   

Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery: – With this you can save your selection in Quick Part Gallery.   

Word Art: – By this, you can write in different designs.  

Drop Cap

By this, only the first letter of a paragraph can be made as big as the line.  

1- None: – With this option you can eliminate the drop cap applied in the page. 

2- Dropped: – From this Drop down list, you can change the font of the first letter of the paragraph.

3- In margin: – With this option you can exclude the drop cap by margin.

4- Drop Cap Option: – Click on this option, a dialog box will open in front of you. In which the drop cap can be styled and spun. And you can put a drop cap on your mind.   

Signature Line

With this you can put your signature in your document. And if you want to stamp the company, you can put it.  

Date & Time: – With this you can insert date and time in your document.   

Object: – With this you can bring an object to your document.   

Symbols    Through this option, you can bring any symbol to the page.  

Equation: – You can insert all those symbols in your page from the equation. Which is done in writing math. You can also type Math paper easily if you want.   

Symbol: – By this, all kinds of symbols are stuck, remember that only symbols with Math will be able to be inserted only when you have installed the font of Math. Insert Tab Microsoft Word.

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