How to Take Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment in Saudi Arabia

Friends if you live in Saudi Arabia. The Corona vaccine dose has not been taken yet. If you want to get Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment. So for this you will first have to create an account on Tawakkalna application. Through which you can apply for vaccin. Pfizer vaccine will be applied to you.

If you do not have an account. And if you want to create an account on Tawakkalna then you can see from here. All information is available here. Which you can easily create an account by reading.

Request for Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment

So let’s know how to apply for vaccine.
To understand this, we have gathered some images from the application. Through which you can request easily.

Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment

Step1 Covid-19 Vaccine : – As soon as you open the application, then it will ask you to turn on the location of the mobile, you turn on the location. And then you click on the Covid-19 Vaccine option that appears on the home page. You will enter the second page.

Step2 : – In the screen that appears now, your name and aqama number will appear.

Step3 :- And below that the button for Apply for Vaccine will appear. You click that button. A screen will appear in front of you, in which some instructions etc are given. You read them carefully. And then click on Apply for Vaccine button below.

General Information

Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment

Step4 : – In this, you have to give some information. Which region of Saudi Arabia do you live in? Such as Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Qassim or any other, etc., select his name from here.

After selecting the region, select which city you live in. Here you will also have to provide an additional number, after doing this, you click on the Proceed button.

Step5 : – Now you will see another screen in front of you. In which your name and iqama number will appear. And below that will appear written qualified. Now click on the button Book COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment which appears below.

Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment

Step6 : – In this, you will see some T&C screen, in which you click on the next seen below.

Step7 : – In this, you will be asked some questions for formalty, by answering Yes or No, click on Next.

Step8 : – In this option, you will show the name of the center where the vaccine can be taken. Whoever is closest to you, select one of them. And then click Next at the bottom.

Step9 : – On which date you want to take the vaccine, select the date from here. And do the next. Now you will see a time screen in front of you at what time you want to take a dose of the vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccine

Select Time and then Next. Your Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment will be accepted. If you want to cancel, you can also cancel easily.

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