How to solve every blogging problem in blogger

How to solve every blogging Problem in the blogger blog

  If you have created a blog on the Blogger platform. So today, I will know How to solve every blogging problem in blogger. And how to overcome the error problem in the blog. And how to manage it’s privacy and security.

solv every blogging problem in blogger

Can I Delete a Blog Without Accessing My Account?

  If you do not want to keep the blog for long. And your blogger account is also not being signed. And you want to delete the blog forever. First you will recover your Blogger account. If you do not remember the email address.

 Then you will recover the first email.

If you still cannot recover then go to the community and fill the form and submit it. From where your problem will be solved.  

If Your Blog Disappeared Fix This Problem

  If you are not coming to Blog Find Blogger. So there can be some reasons for this.   The email you signed up with Blogger and And you have not created a blog with this email. Then your blog will not be visible. You again login to Blogger from the same email from which the blog is created.

If the blog is not visible in your blogger account. So you can use some tips to deal with this problem.

How to Get Deleted Website Back and Solve Problem?

  Signin Blogger first. Now try it in Blogger’s Dashboard. And the arrow button that appears on the left side. Click on it and click on Binned Blog. Click on Undelete which appears under it.   Now Restore blog will appear in your blog list.  

My Website is not on the Deleted list

  If your deleted blog does not appear in the delete list.   If you have more faith that you have logged in with the same Google account. The account with which you created the blog.   You check your email inbox. When you deleted the blog. You will then get an email from the blogger.  

How to View Blocked Website?

  If your blog is blocked by Google. On which you wrote content against the policy of Google. Then you login to blogger. And the blog which has been blocked by coming on the blog list.   A warning button will appear on its right side. You will have to ask Google to see this blog.   The arrow button is visible on the top left of the blog. You can check the content of your blog by clicking on it. This is possible to publish. And then you can restore your blog by clicking on Appeal.  

Add Account to Blog

  First of all, sign your blogger account. After that, the profile image which is seen on the right side of the user by coming in Dashboard. Now click on Add Account. Now add the account you want to add.  

My Blog or Website Does not Appear in Search

  If your blog does not appear in Google search. So change the settings of the upcoming blog.   Do you trust your content? That people like such content. Or search.  

Fix Error in Blog

  If there is any error in your blog. Like bx-w7tr63 or something similar. So you can easily fix it.   Can use any other browser. You can solve the problem by clearing its cache and cookies. If there is a problem with your theme or gadget then you check the code.  

Other Issues

  If you have another problem, then the methods mentioned above will not work. For that, using the following method can solve the problem.

1. If your blog is already deleted. So this problem may have to be faced.

2. If someone else has written a post on your blog. And you want to delete that post. So for this you can talk to the administrator of the blog. And if your blog has just one post. So you first write a new post and then delete the old post.

3. If the blog is not uploading a picture. So first of all you close the popup blocker. Or you can close the popup blocker by going to Blogger’s settings.

4. Check any image in the blog that is larger than the sidebar. And she is visible out of the present sidebar.

5. If your blog is blank and the code appears in it. So you check your theme code. To do this, navigate to Blogger’s Dashboard and click on Theme from the left side menu. And then click on Edit HTML. Now you fix the code. Or activate a new theme on the blog.   Read also   How to Change Blog LookLet’s Know How to Create Website or Blog

Ineligible Content Report On Blogger

if you write a post against term and condition. So Google can take action on this.  

Blogger is a free platform. We cannot monitor content.   If a blogger has used your content in his blog. So you can contact him directly. And you can speak to change or delete the content. Following are some important information.

1. If you copy a blog content then you can take action on it. You can report his post from Google.

2. Any copyright user on Blogger. He respects their rights. If a user copies the content under the DMCA i.e. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Then he will not have any problem.   If he violates it, his blog will be deleted. And the account will also be blocked. And Google does not rank such posts.

3. If a blogger’s post was not copyrighted and the blogger removed his post, you can send a counter notice to the blogger. Which will restore or restore your post.

4. Blogger does not allow the review and promotion of narcotics and wrong service.

5. Blogger does not allow content of any terrorist organization and promotion of terrorism or celebrating those killed in terrorist attacks, etc.   6. On Blogger, you do not allow any evil of religion or sexual abuse against any person, such as photos or content.  

Fix Blogger Privacy and Security

  If you are facing any problem with privacy and security, then how will you fix it.

1. If someone has linked the image to your server. So you can contact the blog’s Honor.

2. If any ADS is visible on your blog. If you did not apply it, then you come and check the blog or computer. Is there any malware in it?  

My Blog is not Signin

If your blogger account is not being signed in. So you can forward the account. Which will make your account available again.

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