How to Register National Address in KSA (Saudi Arabia)

Hello friends, today you will know how to register national address in Saudi Arabia. It is very important for all guys living in Saudi Arabia to have this information.

The Saudi government has announced that the national address of the person who lives in Saudi must be registered. And if they want to open their bank account, then in this condition it is very important to register the national address of that person.

How To Register National Address In Saudi Arabia

All of you people should see this post carefully and you can easily register your National Address with your own hands. This is very easy, you can go through the step by step post and register your national address from your mobile or laptop.

So let’s go ahead and know how we register national address online in Saudi Arabia where we live. First of all you open Chrome browser in your mobile or click on this link.  

The screen to register National Address will open in front of you. Now you will see that 3 option is given.

Register National Address

  1. Registration of Individual.

2. Register of the Business Sector.

3. Registration of governmental Agencies.

So you have to click on Registration of Individuals. Then the first step will be opened in front of you and a form will be opened in front of you, which should be filled.

1. Personal Information

You will enter your plain details in this step, your name and father’s name and whatever form you will ask, you have to put everything.

National ID: – You have to enter your national id like aqama number in this box.

National Address

#National ID Type:- Here you are asking where you are from Saudi or from any other country, then you have to click on Non Saudi here.

Iqama Expiry Date:- Here you have to write the expiry date of your iqama that in which year and in which month your iqama is expiring, select it from here.

First Name:- If you type your first name in this box, for example your name is Mohd Almas, then you will write mohd in the first name box.

Last Name :- If you type your last name in this box, for example your name is Mohd Almas, then you will write Almas in the last name box.

Mobile Number:- You will enter your mobile number here. When taking the number you have given iqama as proof. Put that number in this box.

Email:- You will enter your email address in this box. If you do not have your email address, there is no need.

Residency information:- How do you stay in the room live in flate or live in villa. You have to select here. And click on the Rent option.Now your step has been filled. You click on Next below, the screen of the second step will appear in front of you.

2. Household Members

If you live with family then you will have to give complete family details. How old are your children, how old are they etc.

House Hold Members

But if you are without family, you will see a small box, tick it in that box and click on Next, then your step will be completed and you will try in the third step.

3. Address Information

You will see 4 option in this Pages.

1. Enter Address Details :- With this option you will have to give full detail of your address.

2. On the Map :- With this option you can also set your address by accessing the location of your mobile.


3. Current Location :- With this option, you can set the location of your mobile by coming on.

4. By Phone :- You can also set your address through your mobile number with this option. But I will tell you that if you fill the address with the earlier option, it will be better. In this case, you click on Enter Address Details, this page will open in front of you.

Area :- From this option, select the area in which you live, such as Riyadh, or Jeddah etc.

City:- With this option, you select your city in which city you live.

Neighborhood District:- In this you will write the name of the city in which you live. If you live in alhamra city of riyadh, please write Ishbiliyah in the neighborhood city.

Building Number:- Write down the number of the building in which you live. If you do not know the number of the building, then you can ask the building owner from the building number. And then click on Next.

4. Confirmation of Information

All the information that you have filled is shown in the last step, now you tick the box with I agree, then an activation code message will come on your mobile number. And you put the activation code in the box and click Finish and Send. your address successfully registered.

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