How to Open NCB Bank Account Or Al-Ahli Online

There is a post of great need for all foreigners living in Saudi Arabia. Read the post in full and follow it step by step. If you live in Saudi Arabia and do not have a bank account. So you can Open NCB Bank Account very easily and that too from your mobile at your home.

After the Open NCB Bank Account, you can send money to your family from this account. You can send money to any country like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, Nepal. And can also send it very easily to many countries. See step by step how to open account. First you click on the link given below.  When this page opens, then click on Account Opening in the top left side.

Open NCB Bank Account All Step

Then a second page will open in front of you. If you are opening this site in mobile then you make it in desktop mode. To modify the desktop, click on the 3 dot option in the top right side. And then you click in the box of the desktop site below it. Your page will open in the desktop. You will see in it that you have to fill 7 steps in the form that is open and how you will fill all those steps, you can fill it by looking in the image.  

1. Personal :-

  This is the first step, you complete this form first.

ID Number:- You type your iqama number in this box.

Open NCB Bank Account
Open NCB Bank Account

Date Of Birth Calendar Type:- This box has the option to select hijri or Gregorian. You select Gregorian from here.

Date of Birth:- In this box, you write your date of birth, which is written on your Iqama.

Mobile Number:- Write your mobile number here, if you have given the number from your iqama, give the same number here.

Terms & Conditions:- You accept its term end condition from here. Put a tick mark in both the boxes of i agree.

Captchas:- Write the code that you see in the captcha code in this box. And click on Proceed. As soon as you click on Proceed, you will reach the second step.

2. Address Details :-

In this option you will write about your address. You will fill all the boxes in this form correctly.

Residency:- There is an option in this box, you select Employer Housing from here.

Marital Status:- If you are married in this option, then select married here. And if you are not married, then you choose Single.

Open NCB Bank Account
Address Detail

Country of Birth:- In this box, you select your country of birth. In the box, select the name of the country in which you were born.

Place of Birth:- In this box you write the name of the place of birth where you were born. In the National Address Information box, type the same address that you have registered on your address (national address) website in the box here. As you are seeing in the image. If you have not registered your address, you can register by clicking on the link here.

If you do not know how to register a national address. So you read from here.

How to Register National Address Read Also

Building Number:- You write the building number given in the national address here.

Street Names:- You write the street name given in the national address here.

Unit Number:- You write the unit number given in the national address here.

District:- You write the district given in the national address here.

Region:- You write the Region given in the national address here.

City:- You write the City given in the national address here.

Postal Code:- You write the postal code given in the national address here.

Additional Number:- You write the additional number given in the national address here.

Home Phone Number:- You write the home phone number given in the national address here. Now you click on Next, you will now see a third step form.  

3. ID Details

1- Home Country Building Number:- You will write the building number of India in this box.

In this step you have to write the address of your home country.

Open NCB Bank Account
ID Details

2- Home Country Street Name:- You will write the street name of India in this box.

3- Home Country District:- You will write the district of India in this box.

4- Home Country City:- You will write the city of India in this box.

5- Home Country Postal Code:- You will write the postal code of India in this box.

6- Home Country Additional Number:- You will write the additional number of India in this box.

7- Home Country Phone Number:- You will write the phone number of India in this box. After filling all the details, you click on the next button. The 4th step will open in front of you.  

4. Occupation

In this, you will fill up a simple detail about your Occupation.

Employment Status:- You put your employment status here. Such as private or government or any other sector.

Open NCB Bank Account

Academic Qualifications:- Select how much you have studied in this option.

Occupation:- In this option, you select your occupation. For example, if you are a computer operator or engineer, select in the from.

Employee Name:- You put your name here. If you are opening the account for yourself. If opening someone else’s account, then put their name here.

Job Title:- In this option, you write down your job title. If you are an accountant or data operator, write it in the box.

Date of Joining:- Type the date here when you have joined the job.

Work Region:- In which region do you work? Write riyadh, jeddah, dammam, here.

Work City:- In which city do you work? Write ishbiliah, alhamra here.

Work Street Name:- In which street name do you work? Write here.

Work Phone Number:- What is your work phone number, you write here. And click on Next. Now you will reach the 5th step.

5. Financial

In which source do you work, how does your salary come from cash or cheque. You have to enter all these details.  

Source:- In this option, if you work in a source college or university or any other source, select it from here.

Monthly Payments Income Method:- In this option, how do you get salary, select it here with cash or cheque.

Primary Income Amount:- Select from here how much your monthly income is.

Main Income:- What is your main income i.e. how do you earn. Select it from here.

Wealth Level:- Wealth level you from here.
Now you click on Next. Will try 6th step option in front of you.

6. Purpose Details

You are opening a personal account here. How much cash you can withdraw And you will fill all the details of how much deposit you can make here.

1- Account Opening Reason:- You select personal in this option.

2- Name of Main Depositor:- You put your name in this box.

3- Name of Main Beneficiary(Local):- You put the name of your friend or relative in this box. On whom you trust.

4- Name of Main Beneficiary(International):- You put the name of your friend or relative in this box. On whom you trust.

5- Total Expected Monthly Cash Deposit:- Put the amount here that you can deposit in a month.

6- Total Expected Monthly Cash Withdrawals:- Put the amount here that you can withdraw in a month.

7- Total Expected Monthly Cheque Deposit:- Put the amount here that you can deposit Cheque in a month.

8- Total Expected Monthly Cheque Withdrawals:- Put the amount here that you can withdraw Cheque in a month.

9- Total Expected Monthly Income Local/International Transfer:- How much local or international transfer can you do in a month. Write that Amount here.

10- Top Countries to Transfer to or from:- In which 3 country do you want to transfer money? Select that country here. And then you come to it by clicking on Next button.

7. Confirmation

Like you will come in 7th step, whatever form you have filled, you will see the form complete. Now click on Next and confirm your account.

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Thanks to all visitors If you are having any problem, Open NCB Bank Account then you comment, I will try my best to help you.

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