How To Open Alinma Bank Account in Saudi Arabia

If you are working in Saudi Arabia. And you want to Open Alinma Bank Account. So you can easily open your account in the manner describ below.

Open Alinma Bank Account

Documents required

To open an online account in any bank of Saudi Arabia, you have to have an Iqama and Absher account. If you do not have an Absher account. You can easily create your Absher account by going to any Hyper market.

How to Open an Account

To open an account, open your mobile or laptop. Now open any browser in it. And put alinma bank official website in it and open it. Now the user click on the English button which appears on the left. So that this website is translated from Arabic to English.

Open an Account: – When it is fully opened, then you click on the Open an Account option shown above. A new screen will open in front of you.

Open Your Account Now

In the new screen that will open, you click on Open Your Account Now.

Your ID No

You will be asked here ID number. You type your Iqama number. Put the tick mark in the check box of Accept the Term and Condition. And then click on Next. This will directly redirect you to the Saudi Goverment’s official website Nafaz.

Here you login by entering your Absher account username and password. On login, it will redirect you to alinma bank website again.

ID Information

Whatever information is in your iqama, it will be inserted in the form of automatic ID information.

Personal Information

In this option, some data will remain filled, but you fill the remaining data which is empty. And then click on Next.

National Address

Now you have come to the next step. Whatever information you have entered here in the National Address That automatic will be inserted here. If you have not registered your national address, then do check this post.

Address in Country of Citizenship

In this option you will write the address of India.

Contact Information

Now you write your mobile number and email in it and then click on the Next button.

Employee Information

In this, you will write your information whether you do government job or private. Write the date when you start a job in the company. What position do you work on and how much do you earn in a year. Fill in all this information.

Income Source

In this, you will tell how to earn.

Purpose of Opening the Account

What are you opening this account for? For personal transfer or international transfer or saving.

Account With Other Bank

Do you have an account with any other bank in Saudi, if there is. So if you tick Yes, then tick No. And then click on Next.

Alinma ID: – You can choose your favorite id in this.

Personal Declaration: – In this, you click on Agri option.

Self-Certification & Declaration Form

In this, you select No on all the options. And tick the box of Accept the Self-Certification & Declaration Form. And click on Confirm. Account Created Succesfully such a screen will appear. You should take a print or a screenshot.

Registration in Internet Alinma and Requesting Alinma Mada Card

Put the tickmark in the box of Issue Alinma Mada Card and Register in Alinma Internet Banking. See below and then click on Excute Select Service.

Alinma Internet Registration

A new screen of internet banking will open in front of you. In which you type in the box to create your username and password. And click on Next.

Activate Alinma Internet Account

An activation code will be sent to your mobile. Which you type in the box and click on confirm.

Issue Alinma Mada Card

In this, you select Delevery to My Address.

Address Information

In this, the same address will appear which you have written in the national address. Then you click on the issue card. You will see this message in the next screen. You have completed the registration with Alinma Bank successfully. Open Alinma Bank Account.

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