How to Get Free Mobily Unlimited Internet With HA TUNNEL PRO in Saudi Arabia

Hello friends, today I have brought you the trick of free internet. Using which you can enjoy and Get Free Unlimited Internet With HA TUNNEL PRO in Saudi Arabia.

Get Free Unlimited Internet HA TUNNEL PRO

If you live in Saudi Arabia and want to enjoy free internet. Then you have come to good platforms. Where you will be fully inform about all the information.

Run Internet With Zero Balance

Enjoy free internet in zero balance without any recharge. If the balance already exists in your SIM card, then this balance will be deducted from you. It would be good if you use that balance somewhere else. Then use this trick after that.

To run the Internet, you must have a mobily or friendy or zain sim card. Keep in mind that this trick does not work in iphone. It does not work for this. Because HA TUNNEL PRO application does not come for iphone.

You have an Android phone and want to run free internet. So you read all the steps carefully and setup.

Now go to your mobile play store and write HA TUNNEL PRO and search in the search there. Or you can download the app from here.

When you download this application, you have to download each config file. By uploading it to HA TUNNEL PRO, you will be able to enjoy free internet. Otherwise you will be deprived of it.

After installing HA TUNNEL PRO in your mobile, download the config file from here. As soon as you click on the link, it will give you the website per redirect of media fire. You download the file from there.

How to Upload A Config File to HA TUNNEL PRO

First of all, open HA TUNNEL PRO. Then you click on the 3 dashed line shown in the top left side of the application.

Or click on the 3 dot appearing on the top right side, in that you click on the Import / Export option.

And then click on the Import Config option. Then select the Config file you downloaded.

Your config file will be uploaded. You will have to do all these things with another internet connection only. When all setting is done, then you close that internet connection.

Now turn on your mobile data and click on Start appearing in HA TUNNEL PRO. As soon as you are connected, then you will get a message in the application to see a video ad.

You must watch that video. The video is of 10 to 12 seconds. If you do not watch that video, your HA TUNNEL PRO will disconnect repeatedly. And you will not be able to enjoy the Internet. Watching a video ad will be free for at least 6 hours. Get Free Unlimited Internet

If you have any difficulty in setup. Or your internet is not running then you can ask in the comment. We will help you completely.

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