How to Create Blog Websites on Blogger Full Detail

Create Blog Websites Blogger

Let us know how to make your website on Blogger for free. First of all, you need to know that you have to have a Gmail account. Only then you can create a blog. If you do not have a Gmail account, you can create a Gmail account by clicking here .

When your gmail account is ready then click on this link. As soon as you click on Blogger a new window will open. In which you can Create Blog Websites Blogger.

Confirm your profile

Now login your blogger account. Blogger’s Welcome screen will be displayed in front of you. And complete your profile.  

Create Blog Websites Blogger

1. Display Name

Now you type your name in the box of Display Name in Blogger Profile. Name you want to show in your Blogger profile.

2. Continue to Blogger

When you put the name in the box named Display, then click on Continue to Blogger. And you will try in the second screen. Now you will see in the top left side, click on Create Blog and Create Blog Websites Blogger.

Create new blog

When you try these windows, then you should see what you are doing in the image and follow all the steps.

1. Title

You type the title of the blog in the title box. What kind of niche or topic are you making a blog. Write the title related to the same.  

Create Blog Websites Blogger

2. Address

Now you write the address of the blog in the box which will be called your blog URL. As soon as you type the address in this box, on the right side, you will see that the tickmark is not there or not when it is tickmark, then try it in the theme.

3. Theme

Now you select the theme from it. You can see more themes by scrolling in it. And choose the one you like.

4. Create Blog

After selecting the theme, click on Create blog below. You have become a blog    Now try in the dashboard of your blog and click on the icon of Plus will appear below to write a new post in the blog. A new post page will open in front of you. You should not put less than 700 words in any post.   And be careful that you do not copy any content on any website. No traffic will come to your blog. Because Google’s eyes are always open and he sees all these things. Therefore, write content on your blog yourself.

Blogger Dashboard Menu Information

Let us know about the menu which is in the dashboard of the blog, what happens with all these options.

1. New Blog

You can see the list of your blog by clicking on this arrow button. And you can also create new blogs.

2. View Your Blog

You can view your blog by clicking on this button.

3. Posts

Through this you can see your blog post.

All – How many posts are there in your blog. Can see from here

Draft – How many posts have you placed in draft. When writing any post, it is automatically saved in the draft.

Published – From here you can see how many posts have been published in your blog.

4. Stats

With this option you can check your blog how many visitors came to your blog and from where.

Overview – With this you can see all posts, Traffic Source, Audience, everything on the blog.

Posts – From this you can see how many views have come on which of your posts.

How to Manage your Blog

Traffic Source – You can see your traffic from where the traffic is getting on the blog. Such as Google, Social Media, and which platform came from.

Audience – From here you can see in which country your blog has been viewed.

5. Comment

With this option, you can see comments in your blog. And can delete.

Published – You can see how many comments have been published in your blog.

Awaiting Moderation – You can see how many

Create Blog Websites Blogger

comments you have not moderated from here.

Spam – How many comments have been added to spam can be seen here.

6. Earnings

With this option you can earn from your blog. And you can see all that your blog has earned. You can design your blog in a good way only then you can qualify.

7. Pages

With this option you can create pages in your blog. Such as Home, Contact, About etc. All – How many pages does your blog have. Can see from here.

Published – From here you can see how many pages have been published in your blog.

8. Layout

With this option you can see the layout of your blog. And can add widgets etc.

9. Theme

Through this option you can change the design of the theme in your blog. And you can apply your favorite theme.

10. Settings

With this option you can do all the settings in your blog.

Basic – With this option you can change the title of your blog. And can insert descriptions into the blog. You can add privacy to your blog. You can change the address of the blog and change the custom domain from this. From here you can set up blog HTTPS. And you can add users to your blog.

Post, Comment, and Sharing – With this you can set how many posts you want to show on the home page of your blog. And you can set your comment.

Email – You can set up email settings for your posts.

Language and Formatting – You can set the language of your blog from here. And can set timezone.

Search Preferences – With this option you can set Meta Tag description. You can set error and and redirection in your blog posts. You can set the Google search engine of your blog from this. And the robot settings of the blog etc.

Other – With this option you can make a backup of the content of your blog. And you can delete your blog. Can create a blog feed. You can set which type of content is or is not an adult.

User Setting – You can do blog user settings from here.

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