Formula Tab Microsoft Excel 2007

In this Formula Tab Microsoft Excel you can extract any result in another cell using any function like addition subtraction multiplication division etc.  

Formulas Tab Microsoft Excel

Function Library – in Formula Tab Microsoft Excel

A lot of formulas exist under this option. Every formula has a different way of extracting, how do we use some special formula in this post, let’s know it.

Insert Function (Sift + F3): – With the help of this option, all the work related to mathematics can be done. By clicking on it, this dialog box will appear in front of you.   

Search for a Function: – In this box write the function you want to use. Now click on the Go button. That function will be select.  

Select a category: – Select from this drop down list the type of function you want to use. Select a function: – Select a function from this list and do OK.  

Formulas Tab Microsoft Excel

AutoSum (Alt + =): – Using this option you can quickly add any account. There are following option under this.  

Average: – With this option you can extract the average of the data written in the sheet.   

Count Number: – With this option you can count the data written in the sheet, remembering that it will count only the cell containing the number.   

Max: – With this option, you will tell the largest number in the data written in the sheet.   

Min: – With this option, you will tell the smallest number in the data written in the sheet.  

More Function

With this option you can use more formula in the sheet.  

Recently Used: – In this, all the formula you have used a week or two before, can be seen in this formula.  

Financial: – With this option, you can do financial accounting of your company. If you have, to know how much interest to pay on it, you can try by applying PMT formula.  

Logical: – In this, you can see the percentage of the logical function by doing it, marksheet etc. And can also use True and False.  

Text: – This option is used for character. If you have to see the length of a word and extract the left and right letters then the text function is used.  

Date & Time: – This option is use to find the date and time and year.  

Lookup & Reference: – This option is used to view and sort values.  

Math & Trig: – With this you can use the function of Math.  

More function: – If you want to use heavy duty function, you can do it from here.  

Defined Name 

Name Manager: – With the help of this option you can edit and delete the name manager created in the workbook.   

Define Name: – With the help of this option, you can select more than one cell and give it a name. So that whenever you need to select all these cells or add the number present in all these cells, only the name has to be given while using the function. There is no need to give different names to each cell. 

Formula Tab Microsoft Excel

Use in Formula: – You can select the define name you have created from here and use the formula in it.   

Create from Selection: – This allows the cell selected to be name automatically.  

Formula Auditing – Formula Tab Microsoft Excel

Using any function like addition subtraction, multiplication division, etc., you took out any program in another cell and you are in doubt as to which result is which?  

Formula Tab Microsoft Excel

So let’s use this option to solve it.  

Trace Precedents

First select that result. Which to know about. Whose result it is. Then use this option, using this option will create arrow marks from here to there. Which will know whose result it is.  

Trace Dependents

First you select the cell whose result is to be seen. Then use this option, using this option will create arrow marks from here to there. Which will know that this is the result.  

Remove Arrows: – When you see the result of a value, then the arrow arrives, use this to remove that arrow.  

Show Formulas: – With this option, you can see whatever formula you have applied under Formula Auditing.  

MS Excel Full Information

Error Checking: – If the formula was wrong somewhere on your sheet, you can see it.  

Evaluate Formula: – From this, you can see the location of the cell in the formula applied.  

Watch Window: – With this you can see the value of the record created in your sheet in the window.  


 Whatever formula you use in Excel is automatically calculate.

Calculation Options: – There are three options in this, the first Automatic by which Auto executes when multiplying in Excel. 

Second Automatic Except for Data Table This is use to create data table and third manual can be use as per your wish.  

Calculate Now: – This option will work only on your current workbook.  

Calculate Sheet: – Formula Tab Microsoft Excel This option will work on your current sheet only.

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