Design Tab MS PowerPoint 2007

Read the complete information of Design tab MS PowerPoint 2007

In this Design Tab MS PowerPoint you can design the page settings and its theme in your slide. It has the following options which have been expanded below.  

Page Setup

Page Setup: – By setting the page. On clicking this, the dialog box shown below will appear.  

Slides sized for: – From its drop down list, various fixes can select one of the slide sizes. And if you want to give the size as you want. By selecting Custom from the same drop down list, fix the length and width in the width and height box.  

Number slide form: – In this box write the number from which to start the slide number. Portrait and Landscape: – Through this you can enlarge the page in length or width.  

Slide Orientation: – With this option you can set the slide orientation of your page. If you want to keep the landscape, click on the landscape, otherwise you can select it by clicking on the portrait.  


Theme: – Through this, you can get the designs made in the document. It is such a set of unified design elements and color schemes. Which helps in producing professional and designed documents. Due to which it is easy to view the document on the web.  

Colors: – This option you can set the color of the theme of your page.

Fonts: – In this option you can set the font of your page theme.   

Effects: – This option you can set the effect of the theme of your page.   


Background Style: – With this you can set the background color in the slide.  

Format Background: – With this you can add images and gradients etc. to the slide.   

Reset Slide Background: – With this you can reset the background color of the slide. 

Hide Background Graphics: – This option can remove the graphic background.

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