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What is PayPal?
How do you create a paypal account 
The first question for a person who does not know PayPal will be what is PayPal and what happens with it.


Friends, to overcome this problem, I have prepared a post in full detail, after reading it, you will know well what PayPal is and what happens with this.

PayPal is a worldwide online payment system provided by an American company. Through which we can receive money online and transfer it to another person. PayPal is a very popular online bank on the Internet, from which you earn money through any website, then the money earned will first come to your PayPal account and then you can transfer it from PayPal account to Local Bank of India.
If you want to shop online with PayPal’s own money, then you can buy any goods through internet online. PayPal’s service has been in operation since 1998 and has contributed a lot to the list of online banks till date. Till now it has never given its user a chance to complain. So let’s know how to create an account on PayPal and verify it.

How to Create an Account on PayPal

To create an account on PayPal, you need to have three things: Bank Account, Pan Card, Email ID,
PAN CARD will be required only when your bank account is linked to PAN CARD. It is very important to have an email ID. Hopefully, you will have an email ID of gmail or yahoo. If not, then you can make it by clicking on the link given here.
On PayPal you can open three types of accounts which are as follows.


Now watch the given step carefully and follow each step only then you can create an account of PayPal.
1. Personal Account : – You can open this account for personal use. In this, you can go shopping and transfer funds to someone’s account and manage your fund.

2. Business Account : – If you have a business or want to do business, then you open a PayPal business account. Using a business account, you can use the checkout button to receive a payment on your website.

3. Partners And Developers Account : – If you use Developer Resource, in this case you can open Partners and Developers account.

Signup For Free 

After reading all the details, you click on the Signup button, which will open this window in front of you and two options will appear in it.
Step 1
1. Personal Account : – If you want to open personal account, then click on Personal radio  button and select.
2. Business Account : – If you want to open a business account, then click on the radio button of the business and select it.
3. Continue: – After selecting the option as desired, now you click on the option of continue, now a new form will be opened in front of you, in which you fill all the details in the form.

After clicking Continue, complete the form which is in front.

Step 2

1. Email Address: – In this box, you type your email address, be it Gmail or Yahoo or Windows.
2. First Name: – In this box, you write your first name.
3. Last Name: – In this box, you write your last name.
4. Create Your Password: – Now you type your password in this box, remember that type the password which is strong and you can remember it.
5. Confirm Your Password: – Now in this box, you retype the same password that was inserted in the first box. Then click on Next and process further.
Now Captcha will ask you to fill in front of you, the PayPal receives this information from you that you are not a robot, so you click on I’m Not Robot, it can give you some images and ask its name, then click on that image and Next.

Step 3

In this step, you should inform PayPal about your address details in the form, which are as follows.
1. Date Of Birth: – In this box you type your date of birth which is on your passport or PAN card.

2. Nationality: – What is your citizenship i.e. what is the name of the country where you were born.
3. Identification Type: – Select what national ID you have from here and enter the ID number in the box of Id Number.
4. Address Line 1: – In this box, you write your full address.
5. District:-  Type this box in the name of the district from which you are billed.
6. City: – Type in this box the name of which city you are billing from.
7. Postal Code: – What is the postal code of where you are from, enter it in the box.
8. Phone Number: – In this box you type your mobile number.
9. Check box: – Put tick mark in this box.
10. Check box: – Put tick mark also in this box.
11. Agree and Create Account: – After filling all the information, once you check that everything has been filled correctly, then click on Agree and Create Account and your account has been created.

How to Verify Your PayPal Account

You login to your PayPal account, it will look like the image shown below, you first link your bank account.
Link a Card: – Now to link your bank account to PayPal, click on Link a Card, then in the window that appears in front of you, two options will appear in the first “Link a Credit Card” and the second “Link a Bank Account”. You can choose any option of the two options as you wish. We select Link a Credit Card here. Now a form will open in front of you, in which you fill the details of your credit card.
1. Credit Card Number: – You type the number given on your credit card in this box.
2. Card Type: – This automatic will select the type of your card, if it does not, then write the card type in it.
3. Expiration Date: – Or write the expiry date given in the card.
4. Security Code: – In this box, write the CVV code given on the back of the card in three digits.
5. Billing Address: – Here you write your address which is given on the bank’s passbook.
6. Link Card: – Now you click on the link card button, your card is now linked to PayPal. Now PayPal will send some amount to your account, by filling in the form, you will tell the PayPal that the amount has been received so that your account will be completely verified. 

Confirm Your Mobile Number

Now click on Confirm Your Mobile Number to confirm your mobile number. By which a window will open, now write your mobile number in it and click on Next. A code will come on your mobile, you put that code in the box of confirmation code and then click continue. Your mobile number has been successfully verified.

Confirm Your Email 

Now, to verify your email account, click on confirm your email, the page will open in front of you, it will teach you your email, now you click on Send Email in it , a message will be sent to your Confirmation link. You login your email and it is mailed by PayPal, open it and click on confirm link, your email will be verified. 
Your account has been verified completely.

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