Animation Tab PowerPoint 2007 Full Information

The effect set in every option Animation Tab PowerPoint present in this task pane will usually affect the objects present in the slide master.

Animation Tab PowerPoint

Preview: – On click this option, the slide will appear in the entire screen.   

Animation Tab PowerPoint

Animate:- Through the, different types of effects can be add to the slide in Animation Tab PowerPoint.

Custom Animation:- Through the options present in it Animation Tab PowerPoint.

You can show the appearance of the text, chart, picture, and object present in the slide in different ways by putting different types of effects.

Animation Tab PowerPoint 2007

Add Effect: By click on it, the strip of options present in it will open, through which different types of effects can be put in each one.

Slide Show Tab MS Powerpoint 2007

Start: Select this from this drop down list. When each of the inserted effects starts.

Property: There are various options according to the effect put in this drop down list. Through which the settings related to the effects can be seen.  

Speed: From its drop down list, we select the speed at which the effect appears.

Play: This button is use to view all the insert effects in the slide itself.

Review Tab MS PowerPoint

Note – If you click on the lowest option in the Tools menu, Click on the edit tab in the dialog box that will turn on the check box for the new animation effect.

So click on the custom animation option will open the following dialog box.

By which you can put different bulls with different effects according to your wish with Animation Tab PowerPoint.

Order and Timing: Through this tab button, you can set the text chart picture in the slide and each of the objects in order and set their time.

Effect: Through this tab button, you can show the appearance of the text, chart, picture, object in the slide in different ways by adding different effects and sound.

Chart Effect: Through this Tab button, only different types of effects and sound can be add to the chart.

Multimedia setting Animation Tab PowerPoint

Through this button you can only set the recorded voice in the slide.

After selecting the option present in it, click the preview button and check it. OK when you like it.

Transition to This Slide

Through this option, you can make different changes related to showing slides in Animation Tab PowerPoint. You can use the option present in it as you wish.

Transition Sound: – With this option you can give different types of sound in transition.

Transition Speed: – With this you can set the speed of slide’s transition fast, medium, slow.

Apply To All

For the presentation you select the slide and from this you can apply all the slides.  


Advance Slide: – In this option, you can run the slide in two ways in Animation Tab PowerPoint.

On Mouse Click

That is, when one of your slides will play, then the other slide will come only when you click on it with the mouse.

Automatically After

If you want the slide to come automatically in Animation Tab PowerPoint. Set the time from here for example, If you set the time to 5 seconds. The second slide will start after 5 seconds.

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